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Stay connected to Workplace | Setup VPN to work from home

Stay connected to Workplace | Setup VPN to work from home


Has your business stuck due to corona virus outbreak (covid19). Here we have a solution to stay connected to your office. In this blog I’m going to demonstrate you how to configure the VPN in windows server to continue your business and start working from home.

Lets get started!

In this blog we will demonstrate how to configure VPN on windows server 2016 r2. Following are the steps to install VPN in server 2016 r2

Step 1. Open Server Manager.

Step 2. Click on add roles and features.

Step 3. Click next next until you see the select server roles. It will add the features automatically.

Step 4. In Remote access / Role services select direct access and VPN (RAS). It will ask to add some features so just add and click install. Note that we don’t need to add any additional features as the system will add automatically.


Step 5. Once installation is successful. Open server manager again. Click on notification area an tape on open the getting started wizard to configure CPN. or you can click on tools and select ‘Routing and Remote Access’. refer 2nd artifact.

Step 6. Now its time to configure VPN setup in server. Once you select ‘Routing and Remote Access’, you will see screen like below then right click on your server tape to configure and enable Routing and Remote Access.

Step 7. Once you selected ‘configure and enable Routing and Remote Access’ you will need to click next. Then it will ask for configuration. Here be careful Custom configuration & Go next it will ask to select VPN type. Click on VPN access, Click next and then finish. again it will ask to start the services just click start.

Step 8. Once the configuration is done. you will need to assign IP range for the users. Again right click on your server name select properties and tape to IPV4 assign the range. In static address pool click ADD define IP range and number of users to allow to connect to the VPN Setup.

Here the server part is done. Click here to view client side settings.

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