Server Maintenance

Digi networking solutions offer you the best solution for your server.  we undertake the server maintenance, server installation & configuration.we also provide the sales of different  servers like rake servers, hp server, dell server, ibm server etc.with the best offers.

Servers are amazing things.  They hum along 24/7, usually without issue, but like any machine they do require some maintenance.

Simple maintenance and monitoring can often prevent a server failure from turning into a server disaster.

If you use our server management solutions, you don’t have to worry about these things.  We monitor, review and maintain things 24/7, here is the checklist that we offer for your server maintenance.

1. Verify your backups are working.

2. Check disk usage.

3. Monitor RAID Alarms.

4. Update Your OS.

5. Update your Control Panel.

6. Check application updates.

7. Check remote management tools.

8. Check for hardware errors.

9. Check server utilization.

10. Review user accounts.

11. Change passwords.

12. Check system security.

Being Proactive Prevents Failures

As part of our management services, we monitor over a dozen server health metrics.   By keeping track of things like swap usage, loads, mail queue depth and more, our team of sysadmin often spot issues before they become failures.

Should failures occur, our team can focus on fixing the issue rather than worrying about maintenance items.  This allows us to resolve most service outages in minutes.  We don’t have to stop and apply six months of OS updates to see if a known bug is the issue.

We highly recommend our program of server management and maintenance.