DIGI Networks a simple solution for your business: Services offered by DIGI Networking Solutions

We are most importantly focused on wide wide range if the IT services also consider we are the complete package for your business. we help you to optimize the your business by cutting the extra IT costs.

List of the Services offered by Digi Detworking Solutions. Computer AMC Services in Bangalore & Networking Solutions such as complete installation and Maintenance.

    1.  Home and Office Network installation
    2. Desktop repairs and Maintenance
    3. Laptop repairs and Maintenance
    4. Server installation and Maintenance
    5. Large Office and  Entire Buildings Network
    6. Education and Factory Campus Network
    7. Home and Office Wireless Networks
    8. 5 Star Hotels and Hospitals Networks
    9. Network and Server Room Setup
    10. Computer AMC Services
    11. Network AMC Services
    12. LAN and wireless network Installation
    13. Printer repair services
    14. Data recovery
    15. Sales of Computer accessoriesSales of laptop accessories

DIGI Networking Solutions offer you instant computer support solution & High-End IT Solutions with best offers.

  1. Complete package of maintenance service for a price effective range.
  2. Computer AMC service is post warranty cover, it’ll assist you save time also as money.
  3. System protection against viruses, spywares and Malware.
  4. Upgrading and assembling your computer.
  5. Data recovery benefits.
  6. Maintaining, repairing, servicing your printer and monitor.
  7. Services support based on the Internet.
  8. Also we deal with Modem, hard disk, CD-ROM and Mother Board etc.
  9. However we offer onsite Troubleshooting hardware software solutions.  Keeps your computer perfectly tuned around the clock.

We Offer the competitive deal for Computer Networking Services in Bangalore. We assess your networking requirement, design and implement optimal networks to satisfy your current needs, future/expansion plans and existing technology.

  1. Installation and configuration for structured cabling layout to Network System.
  2. Also Connectivity, implementation and administrations of complete network.
  3. Installation and connectivity of crimping, hubs, jack panels and patch panels.

DIGI Networking Services Approach & Methodology

DIGI Networks helps you create & design the high end network during a way that mostly suits your business requirements. Our team of experts not only design the network but a professional & highly scalable mannered network. We also assist you with the choice of right Brands & Network Components counting on the sort of business & the dimensions of the network.

DIGI Networks aren’t only for computers but we also cater to finish office requirements like, Data, Voice, Video & Utilities.

DIGI Networks Offering

  1. Home/ Office Network
  2. Large Office / Entire Buildings Network
  3. Education / Factory Campus Network
  4. Home / Office Wireless Networks
  5. 5 Star Hotels & Hospitals Networks
  6. Network & Server Room Setup

Key Benefits

Single Network point for both Voice & Data. For Future Expansion or Redundancy purpose Voice Point are often used for Data and the other way around .

  1. Small Office
  2. Large Office Network
  3. Multiple Branch Connectivity
  4. Campus Network Solutions
  5. Wireless Networks
  6. Hotels Networks
  7. Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

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