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Fixed: Internet not working when connected to VPN

Fixed: Internet not working when connected to VPN


This is the most common and basic issue that the internet connection stop working when connection to the VPN. Or the senior will be like users complaining that internet connection got disconnected while connected to the VPN. Here is the solution. Internet not working

Lets get started!

Following are the steps to get back internet connection.

Step 1. Press win+r or click on start menu search Run then type ncpa.cpl


You can right click on network icon select open network and sharing center then click on open change adapter settings.

Step 2. You will be presented with Network connections screen

Step 3. Right click on your VPN adapter. In my case it’s VPN Connection

Step 4. Click on Networking tab and select IPV 4.

Step 5. You will be presented with the scree like this.

Step 6. Select use the following IP address and type an IP preferred IP within you network range. And DNS must be and like below

Step 7. Click Ok then Apply Ok

Hence your internet as well as VPN should start working fine

Conclusion: The internet not working after connection of VPN due to IP configuration is set to automatically and the IP range may be different in you VPN and you local network it’s not assigning proper IP. Still if you are facing any issue drop a mail on [email protected]. I would be grateful to assist you.

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