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Keep your system clean – Run automatic system cleaner on Startup.

How to clean up windows system on startup? Its really frustrating when your system works slow or run out of space because of temp files. its the situation when your computer does not does not work as per your requirement or you think why my system is slow even I have good configuration system. yes

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Stay connected to Workplace | Setup VPN to work from home


Has your business stuck due to corona virus outbreak (covid19). Here we have a solution to stay connected to your office. In this blog I’m going to demonstrate you how to configure the VPN in windows server to continue your business and start working from home. Lets get started! In this blog we will demonstrate

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Solved: IBM Server Xseries 226 does not detect RAM, The error signal 3-3-3

ibm xseries 266

Few days ago I encountered this problem in my clients server, IBM Server Xseries 226 does not detect RAM, the error beep signal 3-3-3. Here I tried a lot ways to fix the problem then finally I found the fix, Just stick with me. I find may people asking the same question on may websites.

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How to install dual boot OS in a single machine or in the same PC?

dual boot operating system

Nowadays the technology is evolving very fast. so it is very simple and easy to do this task even you are not so technical. Dual boot operating system There are number of software’s available online even freeware as well. if you do not want to us a software there are another way to make a

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Why do We need cyber security?

blog, cyber security

Why Is Cyber-security Important to Me? Let me tell you all aspects of Cyber security and why it’s so important nowadays. I will offer you overview all aspects so it’ll be easy for you to know . What is Cyber-security? According to the Wikipedia Cyber-security, computer security or IT security is the protection of Computer

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